Horizons is part of Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It is a service for children and young people in the Care of Derbyshire County Council, adopted children and care leavers.


The service provides psychological and therapeutic interventions through:

  • Assessment
  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Direct Therapies such as DDP and Theraplay
  • Reflective practice

We are passionate about improving the outcomes for children in care and adopted children helping them and their carers reduce trauma and strengthen attachment.

Who's in the team:

  • Dr Helena Houghton, Consultant Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Rachel Bradley, Specialist Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Kelly Hobbs, Specialist Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Melita Housley, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Claire Cruse, Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist
  • Yvonne Docherty, Therapeutic Social Worker
  • Annie Elliott, Therapeutic Social Worker
  • Mandy Fearn, Team Secretary

How to make a referral…

If you wish to make a referral to Horizons please contact Mandy Fearn, Team Administrator on 01629 533775 to request a Horizons referral form, this will need to be completed in liaison with the child's Social Worker.

Contact details

Telephone: 01629 533775