NHS Derbyshire Community Health Services

NHS Derbyshire Community Health Services

Derbyshire Community Health Service (DCHS) is a part of NHS Derbyshire County and provides personalised and safe health services for the people of Derbyshire.

The trust employs an enthusiastic team and DCHS is pleased to be working in partnership with the organisations involved in 'The Hub' providing a variety of services including:

Health Visitor for Children 

  • Provides health advice and support to families with pre-school children
  • Provides infant and child feeding advice and support
  • Responsible for the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme which includes growth and development reviews and well baby clinics
  • Works closely with local Sure Start Centre

Health visitors have a nursing background and are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Health Visitor for Older People

  • Providing advice and support for older people
  • Providing a wide range of health promotion initiatives to this client group.

Our Health Visitors are members of the Elder Care Project, working closely with GPs to undertake holistic assessments and assess patients' health needs.

Health Care Support Worker

  • Advising patients on the services available to them and signposting patients to the correct service
  • Ordering equipment to enable patients to remain independent.

The Health Care Support Workers work closely with all of the Community Nursing / Matron teams.

Community Podiatrists

  • At Risk Patient Management
  • Care for sports injuries & Biomechanics
  • Minor surgery
  • Foot health education.

All podiatrists working in DCHS are registered with the Health Professions Council.

District Nursing

  • Providing care to house-bound patients to include palliative care and wound care
  • Continence support and health promotion advice
  • Providing care to patients with complex nursing needs.

Patients with leg ulcers who are able to attend the Hub may be asked to see one of the team at a clinic.

Community Matron

  • Providing care and advice to patients with complex long term conditions
  • Working closely with the District Nursing teams.

Our Community Matrons are experienced nurses with specialist skills.