South Normanton Parish Council

South Normanton Parish Council

As the lowest tier in a tertiary system of Local Government, South Normanton Parish Council is, by definition, nearest to its parishioners.

One of the most important responsibilities is to use the knowledge and experience in local government of its staff, to advise and represent its parishioners.

The Council exercise the following powers:

  • Provide allotment plots
  • Inter parishioners and former parishioners
  • Provide recreation grounds and facilities
  • Provided and maintain three football pitches and changing facilities
  • Manage and supervise two football pitches and one cricket field and pavilion on behalf of Bolsover District Council
  • Maintain footpaths and bridle paths for Derbyshire County Council
  • Provide and maintain town centre CCTV security and surveillance facilities
  • Provide floral tributes and gateway flowerbeds
  • Provide gateway signage
  • Support the South Normanton Community Interest Company, community facilities and services
  • Provide small grants to local community and voluntary groups
  • Provide financial support for Christmas Lantern Parade, Senior Citizens Annual Tea and Show and the Gala
  • Provide town centre parking
  • Provide bus shelters and roadside seats
  • Provide and maintain the Town Park